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Declaration of transparency, responsibility and ownership of the research results of the Chair of Energy and Poverty

The Chair of Energy and Poverty is a university center with a vocation to contribute to society through its dialogue and research activities. This contribution is based on the strictest respect for the plurality of opinions of its researchers.
The Chair as an institution and within a spirit of constructive dialogue, accepts a variety of positions in its research areas. Therefore, according to the uses of the scientific community, the conclusions and points of view reflected in the reports and research results of the activities carried out by the Chair will be considered attributable to the Chair, specifically when expressly indicated in the document. In the documents in which this is not expressly indicated, the opinions correspond exclusively to their authors and do not commit or in any way obligate the Comillas Pontifical University, the Chair, or any other center, professor or researcher of the University. In this later case, the copyright of each work corresponds to the members of the research team, which must be cited in any citation or reference made of the result of their work, it will not be acceptable a citation with reference only to the institution.
The Chair's research activities are funded by its sponsors. In the case of publications attributable to the Chair, the analyses are the outcome of the consensus among all the members of the Chair (academics, sponsors and collaborating entities). Regarding the results, conclusions and opinions reflected in the publications made by the members of the Chair, these results of their freedom of opinion as rigorous and independent experts in the different areas of knowledge, without being representing in any way the companies or institutions that fund the Chair.
The list of Chair members, sponsors and collaborating entities is publicly available on the Chair's website.

pdf Report of activities to the Advisory Board (20/10/2020)

pdf European Energy Poverty. Policy Brief No. 4: New narratives and actors for citizen-led energy poverty dialogues (09/2020)

pdf Master Thesis "Base study for the analysis of the impact of different scenarios of thermal demand in the residential sector in 2030 and 2050 on the population vulnerable to energy poverty" (2/09/2020)

pdf Master Thesis "Technical-economic feasibility analysis of electrically driven aerothermal heat pumps for block dwellings as an active measure against energy poverty" (22/06/2020)

pdf Towards an inclusive energy transition in the European Union: Confronting energy poverty amidst a global crisis. Third pan-EU energy poverty report of the EU Energy Poverty Observatory (06/2020)

pdf Report of activities to the Advisory Board and the Steering Commitee (18/06/2020)

pdf Emergency measures to protect energy consumers during the Covid-19 pandemic (18/06/2020)

pdf Working paper "Emergency Measures to Protect Energy Consumers During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Global Review and Critical Analysis" (29/05/2020)

pdf Paper "Feasibility Study of a Centralised Electrically Driven Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater to Face Energy Poverty in Block Dwellings in Madrid (Spain)" (28/05/2020)

pdf Energy poverty in the context of the emergency of COVID-19 (28/05/2020)

pdf Energy poverty will increase with the COVID-19 crisis (22/05/2020)

pdf III Session of the Interdisciplinary Workshop of the Chair of Energy and Poverty (Webinar). Present and future of energy vulnerability situations in Spain in the context of the COVID-19 emergency (06/05/2020)

pdf Energy poverty will increase with the COVID-19 crisis. Time for a right to energy! (06/05/2020)

pdf Measures to tackle the Covid-19 outbreak impact on energy poverty (22/04/2020)

pdf Report on the Chair's activities (10/03/2020)

pdf Acting against energy poverty without reductionism (23/02/2020)

pdf Characterization of the energy consumption behavior in a sample of Spanish households (18/02/2020)

pdf III Session of the Interdisciplinary Workshop of the Chair of Energy and Poverty. Innovative proposals for the fight against energy poverty (16/01/2020)

pdf Presentation of the working paper "Towards a hidden energy poverty indicator for Spanish households" - SSPCR 2019 (12/12/2019)

pdf Energy poverty and the energy market (12/12/2019)

pdf Informe España 2019. Chapter 3. Energy poverty in Spain (19/11/2019)

pdf A universal right to energy? (6/11/2019)

pdf Papeles de Energía, Energy poverty (Special issue) October - 2019 (23/10/2019)

pdf Activity of the Chair in progress and planned. Academic year 2019-2020 (08/10/2019)

pdf Energy Poverty. Who is left behind by energy transition? (24/09/2019)

pdf Master thesis "Analysis and proposals for new energy poverty indicators" (28/08/2019)

pdf Policies and measures against energy poverty in the European policy framework (17/06/2019)

pdf Paper "Who should pay to support renewable electricity? Exploring regressive impacts, energy poverty and tariff equity" (11/06/2019)

pdf Presentation of the working paper "Towards a hidden energy poverty indicator for Spanish households". JOSITE'19 (31/05/2019)

pdfPresentation of the National Strategy against Energy Poverty 2019-2024 (21/05/2019)

pdfChair activity, February 2018 - February 2019 (04/03/2019)

pdfContribution to the prior public consultation for the Elaboration of the National Strategy against Energy Poverty (17/01/2019)

pdfPresentation of the contribution to the National Strategy against Energy Poverty (20/12/2018)

pdfStructural measures to meet the required energy expenditure (17/12/2018)

pdfSpanish experience in distributed databases (DLT) and possible use cases and applications for energy poverty (26/11/2018)

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