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Comillas hosts the conference “Emigrants who are Minors, Vulnerable and without a Voice”

This new publication will treat issues such as Science and Religion, Technological Culture, Ethics and Theology, Neuro-Science and Trans-Humanism, among others

Javier de la Puerta and Antonio Fabregat participated in this International Tournament thanks to their victory in the 1st “Asun Almajano” BP Debating Tournament

In total, twelve students received awards in the Faculty of Law

The University institutionalizes this position to improve quality

Philosophers, physicists, mathematicians, engineers and theologians debate this issue

The results are proof of the excellent level of the students and the Debate Club

The grants will be devoted to financing studies in Environmental Engineering

José María Cáncer and Isaac Prada y Nogueira have designed the first vertical wind tunnel “Made in Spain”

More than one thousand patients will benefit from the generosity of the University community 

The University initiates the new Chair for Connected Industry

Antonio Orden wins another championships after becoming Spanish champion

A work by the Technological Research Institute at Comillas and MIT sets the foundations for the electric system of the future

This research center will continue the work of the defunct “Fundación Encuentro” at Comillas

Carmen María Vives Torres is a student in the Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering Technologies at Comillas ICAI

The objective is to acquire skills in fiscal matters for decision-making

The Ministry of Education published a report on the final evaluation of the projects

The MAG+S Pastoral Office works in favor of Ignatian Spirituality with young adults

Jesús Morente participated in the 1st Health Challenge of Andalusia

Osés, García Pascual, De la Rica, Sarabia, Pagola, De Cuadra and Ventosa shared their vision of the last 30 years in the ICAI School of Engineering

Federico de Montalvo made an appearance at the European Parliament's Committee on Constitutional Affairs (AFCO)

During the Conference the Course for Experts in Neuro-Rehabilitation was presented

The University hosted the Youth International Scientific Congress INVESTIGA I+D+I (Research and Development and Innovation)

Deusto University, Comillas Pontifical University and Ramon Llull University organized an Aristos Campus Mundus meeting on quality at universities

The work of Salomé Adroher is recognized in the coordination of the childhood protection system

Comillas holds its 21st Conference on Philosophy

Iñigo Barranco was recognized for the best Transcript of Grades, and María Soledad Ortega and Sandra Calvo, for their projects

This program has been awarded with the second prize in the National Awards for Good Practices in Easy Reading 2016 (“Premio Nacional de Buenas Prácticas en Lectura Fácil 2016”, in Spanish)

Four students represented the Faculty of Law

The University organizes the 1st Meeting of the Network of “Mentores Comillas Emprende” (Comillas Entrepreneurs Mentors)

The project deals with Geo-Strategy and Diplomacy at the Olympic Games

El TFG de Miriam Rollón estudia el shopper marketing en el sector de las bebidas alcohólicas

A research project by Miriam Rollón studies “Shopper Marketing” in the alcoholic drinks sector

The University hosts the conference on "Society and Justice for Minors: Building the Future, Eliminating Prejudices"

The Seminar for International Relations analyzed the foreign policy of Japan

The Government Delegate Against Gender-Related Violence, Blanca Hernández, gave a talk for students from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

The University hosts the Meeting of European Jesuit Social Centers

Some thirty researchers and professionals at the University worked to ensure the success of the event

He was the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, between 1983 and 2008 

El rector le ha acompañado en la ceremonia, invitado por el cardenal

The Comillas Alumni Office is organizing an Open Classroom on the value of data

A study conference presents a work on the interpretations that human beings have made of Heaven

Irene Mira, a student in the Undergraduate Degree in Business Administration and Management, won the first prize

Acompañamos a los chicos en su debut en competición

Adela Conchado, from the “IIT”, participates in a “green” bicycle route that joins Seville with Marrakech

Víctor Martín, an Electro-mechanical Engineer, was selected because of his excellent transcrip 

Graduates in Physical Activities and Sports Sciences at Comillas can work on safe terrain

Comillas ICADE has been a part of this network for more than 25 years

Fue profesor de la Facultad de Teología hasta el año 2000

This work, the first of a scientific nature on the subject, was drawn up for the “Observatorio Generación y Talento” (Observatory on Generation and Talent)

The awards are sponsored by six of the most prestigious Law Offices in Spain

Francisco de la Torre visited the University to participate in the lecture series “Dreaming About Cities, We Can Build Them Together”,

The Technological Research Institute is participating in the national Project called EPOXIGRAPHENIT to develop new compound materials

The University Institute for the Family is participates in drawing up guides for families of young people who risk exclusion

The ten teams are sponsored by Unibail Rodamco

This member of the religious clergy, an alumni of the University, was murdered in Haiti

Two professors of International Relations, experts in American politics, analyzed the stage for the imminent election in the United States

The University hosted the 2016 GSICKMinds Conference

The University hosted the presentation of the 2nd edition of the exhortation which contains comments by the Secretary of the Council of Cardinals of Pope Francis

Comillas works with companies to improve their strategies for internationalization and expatriation

They analyzed legislative novelties promoted by Pope Francis

More than 1500 people participated last year in the activities organized by Comillas

The BP Chair for Energy and Sustainability invited Gary Gardner, of Worldwatch Institute, to speak on sustainable urbanization

Julio L. Martínez, SJ, contributed with his own reading from the perspective of ethics and education

This course was organized by the Chair for Latin America

Eliza Patterson, a Professor at Johns Hopkins University, analyzed the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the United States and Europe at Comillas

Antonio Malpica, Vicente Laiseca and Enrique Colín are part of a team of engineers from the London-based Company Ebury

Enrique Sanz delivered the inaugural address 

This Jobs Fair held its 18th Edition

Beatriz Belmar and Ana Panadero win the 16th Rector´s Debate Trophy

The President of Telefónica, José María Álvarez-Pallete, participated in a round table accompanied by the Rector

The Conference “Inclusion 2.0” analyzed the role of  inclusive Information and Communications Technology 

The mayor opened the lecture series “Dreaming about the city, we can build it together”, sponsored by “entreParéntesis”

Patrizia Prati, from the Senior Citizens University, analyzed the importance of education after 50 years of age

The challenge is to guarantee access and participation based on equality of opportunity and excellence

 This dual degree combines innovative training in Business Analytics with solid foundations of Law

The University hosted one of the sessions of the “Atrio de los Gentiles” (Atrium of the Gentiles, a forum for cultural dialogue)

Federico de Montalvo was appointed as an academic member of the Academy of Medicine of Murcia

This institution, affiliated with the University, has increased its intake of first-year students by 76% this year

The Chair for Science, Technology and Religion holds its annual conference

The leitmotif for this edition was “Public Health and University: Experiences and Tendencies”

The 31st Superior of the Jesuits is from Venezuela

El 4th Comillas Startup Picnic enjoyed the collaboration of the Spain Startup Team

Cardinal Vegliò, President of the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People, visited Comillas ICAI-ICADE

Salomé Adroher was recognized for her work as the general manager of “Servicios a las Familias y a la Infancia” (Family and Childhood Services)

The team from the University finished in 16th place in MotoStudent

130 runners participated in the first competition of the Madrid University Circuit for Cross-Country

Yolanda Moratilla participated in the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Spanish Nuclear Society

The University hosted a Conference on this issue, organized along with the Spanish Society for Endocrinology and Nutrition (“Sociedad Española de Endocrinología y Alimentación” or SEEN, in Spanish)

The Faculty of Theology devotes its XIII Conference to Displaced Persons who are Refugees

The teams of José García and Antonio Muñoz, and Elvira Pinedo and Marta Pérez won the competition

Carlos Ballesteros and Braulio Pareja travelled to Nairobi to share their experiences with other professors and researchers

Representatives from the main political parties debated on the transition in energy use at Comillas ICAI-ICADE

Felipe VI defended the role of universities in the economic development and advancement of the country

Comillas presents a book that helps to understand electric and gas bills and to help to consume in a sustainable manner

This Award is presented in recognition of the work of the Technological Research Institute

Comillas ICAI familiarized the general public with additive manufacturing and 3D design at European Researchers Night

Lourdes Mateo is currently studying in the Master’s Degree Program for Access to the Legal Profession

The 2016 BP Forum for Energy and Sustainability centered around the energy transition in Spain

The Entrepreneurs Club of the Everis - Comillas Fintech Observatory is presented

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