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Antonio Fabregat y Javier de la Puerta lograron la victoria, y Javier Alberite y Didier Martín llegaron a la final


Comillas offers a Master´s Degree in Vocational Discernment and Spiritual Accompaniment

The Rector and the Dean of Theology attended the meeting

This victory qualifies him to travel to the European Sub 23 Championship to be held in Poland

Comillas is the first university to achieve this recognition

The Autonomous Region of Madrid organized a day devoted to this subject at Comillas

He was a professor of Theology at Comillas, where he also studied


A study is presented at Comillas ICADE on wasting food in the city of Madrid, where some 2% of homes are considered to be “sizeable wasters”

Virginia Núñez won the Gold Medal in the Young Lions Marketers Competition

María Molina was hired at the school where she did her internship

The Fourth Graduating Class of the Demos Program receives its diplomas

The graduates received their diplomas in Pre-School Education, Primary School Education, Journalism, Audiovisual Communications, Advertising and Public Relations

The University Institute of the Family held a Conference on Research

El Instituto Universitario de la Familia celebró unas jornadas de investigación


Laura García-Valdecasas and Daniel Martínez received second and third place awards, respectively

Three students from Comillas ICAI participated in the obstacle course race

José Luis de Mora received the students at the “Ciudad Financiera” (Financial City Office) of the group

Iberdrola and the Professional Association/College of ICAI Engineers publish the work

The University hosted the National Meeting of the World Youth Parliament

The University hosted a conference on alternatives to prison in issues of Mental Health

The award recognizes the work of this institution in the area of research and the spreading of knowledge on disabilities

Nearly 1700 Undergraduate and Master’s Degree students graduated at a traditional and emotional ceremony at Comillas

Four students obtained the double-degree with Tulane University


The Comillas Alumni Office held a new session of its Open Classroom


This collaboration will begin with a program on Migrants and Refugees

He is an alumni of Comillas and will be the Vice Grand Chancellor of the University

The General Assembly of this association was held in Barcelona

This app was created by a former student of Comillas ICADE

Clear language is a challenge for Society in the 21st Century

Undergraduate students taught seminars on the legal modification of the ability to act

Pedro García Fernández wins his fifth consecutive gold medal

A team of Doctoral Students in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences organized a conference on harassment in the classroom

The Chair for Bioethics holds the 31st Inter-Disciplinary Seminar for Bioethics

The Publications Service organized the traditional event for the presentation of publications

The Chair for Financial and Business Ethics offers a debate on this area of Education

Adam Maldonado is a high-level athlete and student of Physical Education Sciences

Las universidades jesuitas manifiestan su preocupación por la crisis humanitaria y condenan la represión 

The Deans of Theology and Canon Law, Human and Social Sciences, and the Director of Comillas ICAI attended the conference

Two indoor football teams participated in the championship

Julio L. Martínez, SJ, pointed out that leadership is serving society

The University hosted the first meeting of the HEST Project on Ecology

The University considers research to be a part of the intellectual apostolic mission of the Society of Jesus

The Chair for Science, Technology and Religion hosted the 8th Fliedner Conference

The 4th Conference “Distances in Education: Physically + Mentally” is held

The Chair for the Family and Handicaps: Telefónica-Repsol Foundation-Down Syndrome Madrid awards Miguel Ángel Verdugo

From Rome, Pascual Cebollada will be in charge of the processes of beatification and canonization of members of the Society of Jesus

This event was useful in making known the work of the organizations with which the Service-Learning Program collaborates

The Santander Chair for Law and Minors organized a conference devoted to this theme

Some twelve companies and institutions sponsor the awards which recognize the best talent at Comillas ICAI

Three of the six sports teams from the University were victorious in their competitions

Fernando Lousada Fernández was victorious in the Rector´s Trophy at Comillas ICAI-ICADE

Ricardo Pinilla, Director of the Department of Philosophy, acted as host

She participated in the Reading Club and defended the method of Easy Reading

Leslie Greenberg attended the conference “Emotions and Psychotherapy: Challenges and Applications”

The event, organized by students, enjoyed the sponsorship of EVO Bank

The University participates in the program Higher Education for Social Transformation (HEST)

Calos Blanco also belongs to the World Academy of Arts and Sciences

 This article falls within the framework of the National Plan for Awarenesss of Human Trafficking

The “Ibero” plans to admit up to 1500 students threatened with expulsion from the United States

The report was fomented by the Judicial Clinic, Comillas Solidarity, and the Santander Chair for Law and Minors

Two students are studying in their second year for their Master´s Degree in New Hampshire (USA)

Carmen Rodríguez and Pablo Gomendio won the Rector´s Trophy

For the past 14 years, the King has welcomed Comillas students to the Zarzuela Palace

The University and the Endesa Foundation have signed an agreement for collaboration to create a scholarship program and awards for academic excellence

Antonio García also competed successfully in the absolute championship

The Comillas-HackForGood Award provides recognition to the applications that improve the lives of those with handicaps

The Chair for Science, Technology and Religion hosted the first meeting of the cluster for Science and Religion of HEST

The School invited 52 High School students in order to stimulate their technological vocation

The Chair for Connected Industry organized the conference “Information from Data”

The Chair for Science, Technology and Religion held the conference “Reason vis-à-vis Technocracy!

Charles Powell, Director of the Real Instituto Elcano (Elcano Royal Institute), presents the keys to the US Foreign Policy of Trump at Comillas

Comillas ICAI-ICADE organizes the 2017 Inside Africa Encounter

Victor Martínez Majolero teaches courses in Sports Sciences and Physical Activity 

Íñigo Sagaz Spottorno is a student of Industrial Engineering 

Susana Ferrín Pérez and Carolina Pérez Feuerstein reached the finals for the second consecutive year

Students in the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Administration (ICADE) show their interest in the management of funds

TecnoDEMOS and EducaDEMOS are training programs for employment and the inclusion of young people with intellectual handicaps 

Forbes Magazine selected the best 50  high-level managers in the country

The University Institute for Migrations Studies (“Instituto Universitario de Estudios sobre Migraciones”, IUEM, in Spanish), draws up a study in collaboration with UNICEF

Juan Suárez, Product Manager of Aristocrazy, visited Comillas to speak on tradition and innovation in family businesses

The photographer Javier Bauluz visited the University to display to speak on refuge, empathy and xenophobia

The Chair for Connected Industry (Cátedra de Industria Conectada) is inaugurated, with the presence of Begoña Cristeto, General Secretary for Industry and Small and Medium-Sized Companies, of the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Competition

Both institutions share their interest in social justice

Alejo Vidal-Quadras, former Vice-President of the European Parliament, visits Comillas ICADE

The theologian Carlos María Galli visited Comillas to speak on the reforms of the Church

The Social Entrepreneurial Consulting Group organized an encounter between female entrepreneurs and experts

Comillas organized the conference “Opportunities for Employment for the Handicapped”

The Comillas Alumni Office organized a new session of the Open Classroom on Digital Transformation

The University analyzes the challenges of the digital revolution regarding ethical aspects of the banking world

“We give merit to effort, and we appreciate it”, said the Rector

The Department for Entrepreneurship widens its agenda of activities associated with entrepreneurs

The Cuban Ambassador discussed the future of the country

Comillas ICADE and Diamond Films Spain agree on a project to promote the knowledge of Law through film premiers

Pepe Menéndez, Associate Director of Jesuïtes Educació, delivered a lecture at the 22nd Meeting of Principals and Counsellors from Educational Institutions

Professor Noelia García Castillo has drawn up a study on the representation of women on video game covers

More than 30% of the new diplomats are graduates of Comillas ICADE

Ubaldo Santana called for dialogue to reach the conclusion of the “grave emergency” that the country is suffering

The “Universidad de Mayores” (Senior Citizens University) held the 2nd  Alumni Reunion in the presence of the Magistrate for the Constitutional Court, Rafael de Mendizábal

He replaces Rosa María Fernández Ayuso in this position

The Project, which has the support of several foundations, is a pioneer in Europe

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